If you live in the Mornington Peninsula, then Floating Timber Floors might be a great option for your home. They can be installed as an alternative to carpet or tiles and they make a great choice for those with allergies or those that love to get their feet sandy at the beach. You don’t have to worry about them getting dirty! We’ll tell you more about these benefits below!

Easy to Clean

Floating timber floors are easy to keep clean and therefore will not hold onto allergens and release them into the air like carpets do. For those of us who live on the Mornington Peninsula, we are blessed with amazing beaches.

For those of us who love to swim or walk along the beach, we are bound to bring some sand home so it’s great to know that you can sweep or vacuum your floors quickly and easily when they have been exposed to sand.


Good quality floating timber floors are a great choice for coastal homes because they are durable. We highly recommend options that are water resistant so they suit the Mornington Peninsula lifestyle.

Water resistance is particularly important for those that have swimming pools in the backyard and tend to venture inside with wet feet. The durability of good quality flooring will prevent warping and the risk of water damage.

Coastal Flooring Style

Floating timber floors offer a natural look and feel to your home. They can be installed in any room, which makes them versatile for your Mornington Peninsula home. If you’re looking for a flooring option that will add warmth and character to your property, they are the perfect choice.

It’s not only about the look either, it’s also about the feel of the product. Floating timber floors are comfortable under foot and provide some insulation, which is ideal for those living in coastal areas of Victoria.

Cost Effective

One of the greatest advantages of floating timber flooring is the cost. Floating timber floors are quick and easy to install so you can pay less for labour. They come in a design that easily fits together, almost like a jig-saw so you can expect the perfect finish quick and easy.

Just because this product is cost effective does not mean they are cheap looking. Floating timber floors are not just for those on a budget, they look great and provide the perfect finish to complement the style of your home.

Easy Removal or Replacement

Because floating timber floors are not attached to the underlying material, they are easier to remove and replace when necessary. Let’s face it, no flooring product last forever without needing replacement or repairs so it’s good to know that this type is so easily managed.

So, if you are looking for a flooring product that is cost effective and easy to install with an amazing finish but also easy to replace, Floating Timber Floors should be at the top of your list!

Is Floating Timber Flooring Right for You?

If you are considering getting Floating Timber Floors for your Mornington Peninsula home, then we trust this article has helped inform you about the benefits of this option. Of course, there are many other styles and options to consider when it comes to flooring and we’d be happy to discuss those options with you.

Floating timber floors have many benefits so they are often the perfect fit for our customers. They are not only beautiful to look at, but they also provide a warm and inviting environment that will leave you feeling relaxed and enjoying the Mornington Peninsula lifestyle. They are often the perfect choice if you want hardwood flooring in your house but don’t want the hassle of sanding or waxing them on a regular basis.